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About us


T.W.Taxes is a father and daughter tax preparation firm. The original owner of T.W.Taxes is Tom Wright. Tom Wright is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and has over 20 years of experience in tax preparation , accounting and retirement planning. After college Tom started his career as a computer programmer. However, as the years passed he found he wanted to work more with people. Discovering that his Great Grandfather was the 1st registered CPA in the state of Missouri he took the E.A.Exam. Tom soon invested in a small firm that was originally stationed out of Pacific Beach. He eventually landed in Bay Park as Tom Wright Taxes LLC.

Holly Anderson’s careers started in the service Industry. She started working for her “POP” in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant during the Tax Season. She met her husband at the Tax Office who was a career Navy Seal. Soon after they were married she had a Son whom they named Tristan. As her life changed so did her career. She took the California classes for Tax Preparation and received her license. She worked directly under her ‘POP” (Tom Wright) for several years. She herself has 10 years of Tax Preparation and accounting experience. She currently does Tax Accounting for several business right here in San Diego. She specifically specializes in the Service Industry,Military,Federal Employees and all Uniformed Hero’s. Holly is the successor for Tom Wright Taxes LLC, and has currently taken over as President. She is currently studying for the E.A. Exam.


Tom was born in 1948 in New York City. He grew up in Rye, New York, and went to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he majored in Applied Mathematics getting a BS in 1970 with a minor in Computer Science (a brand new department at CU).

His first career was in computer graphics software. He worked the National Center for Atmospheric Research, ISSCO, Computer Associates (CA), Wavefront and Megatek. At CA he was Assistant VP at what was then the world’s largest software company.

In 1993 he left computer software became a Certified Tax Preparer (CTP) working with a partner who was a CPA in Pacific Beach. In a few years he struck out on his own, his first office being on Napa Street. In the late 1990s he moved a few blocks north to his current location.

In 1997, he took the exam to become an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agent is a federal designation rather like a CPA, which is a state designation. They are treated the same by the IRS. Enrolled Agents have more knowledge about taxes and less than CPAs about accounting related topics such as going public.

In 2001 , the practice had grown too large for him to handle by himself, and he brought in Holly as the Office Manager. (She met her husband Paul while serving in this position when he came in to have his taxes done.) Later Tom trained her to prepare taxes and she passed the exam to become a CTP.

Tom turned over much of the business to Holly in 2012. He now only helps out he during the rush before certain tax deadlines, working mostly from home. He no longer does appointments.

His retirement is generally devoted to Greyhound rescue and his car collection. (He has pledged over 90% of his estate including the cars to charity.) He now has six collector cars and a property in Potrero with a shop where they will ultimately be housed. The collection started with a 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I that he has had since 1989. Three years ago he added a 1975 classic mini and then in 1974 Jaguar E-Type also known as an XKE. He has a 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet convertible, a 1985 Rolls-Royce Corniche, a 1947 MG TC and 1985 RV he uses to stay in at his shop in Potrero. He also has a 2006 Jaguar X-Type for daily transportation and he has a 2000 Harley FLSTC. He is president of San Diego’s British Car Club Council and serves on the national Board of Directors of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club. He also heads the Rolls-Royce Owners Club Silver Cloud University.

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