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Uniformed Heroes Discount


Living in San Diego there is an undeniable connection between the members of the United States Armed Forces and civilians who live here. A perfect example of this connection is how Holly, the current President of T.W. Taxes, met her husband Paul back in 2003. Back then Holly was working as an administrative assistant for her “POP”, Tom Wright the original owner of T.W. Taxes, when Paul first walked into her life.

Paul joined the Navy in December of 1986 and shortly after completed BUD/S training here in San Diego to become a Navy SEAL. Over the next 26 years Paul held many different positions as a SEAL and some of his proudest moments were the 11 years he spent with SEAL Team One. Paul was a member of nine platoons and completed 11 deployments. Towards the end of his career Paul became a BUD/S instructor and enjoyed helping new recruits fight their way to becoming SEALs themselves. In November of 2012, after 26 years of service, Paul Anderson retired as a Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy. Most soldiers who served as long as Paul did like to have a retirement ceremony, he did not. Paul simply stated, “I’m going out as quietly as I came in.”

5 years after retirement, and 13 years of marriage later, Paul was involved in a traumatic accident that would change their family’s life forever. On August 5, 2017 Paul was critically injured in a motorcycle accident. According to the Police report, Paul was heading up Palomar Mountain as an 18-wheeler was coming down the mountain in the opposite direction. As the 18-wheeler began to slow down to make a right hand turn an impatient driver behind the semi illegally crossed over the double yellow line to pass the semi. The driver’s reckless decision created a situation where Paul had no time to react and was unable to avoid the collision. When the paramedics and the California Highway Patrol arrived on the scene Paul’s heart had stopped. Due to their exceptional medical expertise and efforts they were able to revive Paul and get him on a life flight to Palomar Medical Center. In the Emergency Room Paul’s heart stopped again, but with the will of a warrior and the help of an outstanding medical team he was once again revived.


Holly and the rest of the family are forever thankful for the very talented medical staff at Palomar Medical Center and the California Highway Patrol. Specifically to Officer Ontiveros, who arrived first on the scene and was able to revive Paul. Paul is currently recovering at home and progressing faster than expected considering the severity of his injuries.

It is with these heroic individuals of the U.S. Armed Forces and First Responders in our hearts that we at T.W. Taxes would like to offer our largest discount. ALL MEMBERS OF THE U.S. ARMED FORCES AND FIRST RESPONDERS WILL RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT. This is our small way of honoring the sacrifices they make every day for our lives and our freedom. We thank you ALL for your service!

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